After your appointment request, a First Responder will contact you via e-mail and/or by phone to confirm the date and time of the meeting.

First Meeting
You will need to gather the following information. The first meeting takes about an hour to an hour and a half depending on your case and needs.

  • Health Insurance

    1. Emergency contacts
    2. Insurance coverage and needs
    3. Doctors and treatments (Contact Information)
    4. Prescriptions
    5. Completion and signing of Consent and Referral forms
  • Financial Concerns
    1. Difficulty paying bills (Bills amount per month)
    2. Confusing financial paperwork
    3. Completion and signing of Confidential and Consent forms
  • Physical Needs
    1. Transportation to and from treatment
    2. Child/elder care
    3. Housing/housing issues
    4. Food, clothing, other physical needs
    5. Cultural barriers (ie, language, inability to read/write, poor health literacy)
  • Disease Management
    1. Does not understand treatment plan and/or procedures
    2. Treatment compliance issues (missed appointments)
    3. Needs to talk to provider (physician, nurse, therapist, etc.)
  • Supportive Services for Referrals
    1. Support groups
    2. Ministries, support group team

After this evaluation, an HCN Patient Navigator will be assigned to your case. Feel free to contact your First Responder or Patient Navigator at any time if you have questions or are in need of assistance.