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Our patient navigator programs and other services meet critical needs of both providers and patients. These needs are by no means the same.

From medical practitioners’ points of view, the arguments for utilizing a patient navigator program tend to focus on the benefits in terms of outcomes and compliance.
Patient navigators help bridge gaps and ensure continuity in complicated, multi-step medical interventions.

Many studies demonstrate quite clearly that patient navigator interventions produce greater rates of screening and follow-up on diagnosis, resulting in better health outcomes.

Some of Our Patient Navigation Program Benefits:
• Navigators help patients tackle health care system barriers
• Navigators are effective in a minority health setting
• Navigators help patients who have low health literacy

HCN also has a well established network to assist our clients with
• First Response Evaluation
• Counseling
• Support Team Groups
• Workshops, Community Programs and Support Groups connections
• Financial assistance
• Medical Insurance assistance

"The Patient Navigator is a person of the community who knows the system and is highly wired to help the patient through it." --Dr. Harold Freeman