Loved Ones & Caregivers

At some point, a person living with cancer will require around-the-clock care, including assistance with daily activities such as eating, dressing, grooming, bathing and going to the bathroom.
Almost 75% of home care is provided by family - spouses, children, siblings, and other relatives. Family caregivers often experience physical, emotional, social and financial stresses.
They make tremendous personal sacrifices to take care of their loved ones. Sometimes the burden seems unbearable and a support network is essential.

Resources are available including support groups, respite care, shared respite care with families of other sufferers, adult day care, and home health care. HCN is here to help not only sufferers, but caregivers as well.

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We offer:
Counseling Support Groups connections
Workshops connections
Financial and Medical Insurance assistance (after approval)
Community programs