Mission, Vision, and Goals


Health Connections Network (HCN) is dedicated to connecting resources, coordinating support systems and providing advocacy education for anyone living with cancer.


  • HCN educates and assists survivors* on any available resources that may help with their medical condition in order to maintain or improve their socioeconomic status as they face illness.
  • HCN coordinates support teams for every survivor that will provide assistance for all aspects of life, including but not limited to: emotional support, social support, practical daily assistance, transportation and spiritual support.
  • HCN provides advocacy education for survivors so they learn to be better advocates for their own health.
  • HCN also expedites payments to health care providers for those who are unable to pay medical bills through the process of patient navigation.


  • It is the goal of HCN to continually develop, plan and implement initiatives to improve the lives of our clients one step at a time.
  • By providing patient navigation assistance and then connecting with other agencies to fulfill other immediate needs such as food, transportation, housing, childcare and more, we feel that this will invoke hopefulness as opposed to despair. When faced with an illness, many people are financially and emotionally devastated in the wake of trying to survive.  With appropriate resources, however, we can give our clients the desire and the will to get well.
  • We also intend to grow a talented, trained, compassionate and understanding pool of volunteers, comprised of past clients who are willing and able to comfort and assist new clients. These voluneers may perform such tasks as visiting the sick, offering companionship, picking up groceries or pharmaceutical medicines, as well as many other non-medical needs. Providing these services to recently diagnosed clients can result in an uplifting and gratifying emotion for our survivors/volunteers.
  • Through our efforts, we will strive to improve the life of every client once their illness is either passed or under some form of manageable treatment.


*Note: Any patient becomes a survivor the moment he or she receives the diagnoses.