Patients and Survivors

Please request an appointment or call (910) 471-4261 to start your healing process with an HCN representative.

Initial meeting - Evaluation A meeting will be set up with one of our First Responder/Support Team Specialists. We'll start your evaluation with a comprehensive list of your current needs. Once you agree with our evaluation outcome, you'll be referred to one of our experienced Patient Navigators or/and a support team group.

Counseling How to cope with the diagnosis, treatment and survivorship (feelings and issues that may arise) of cancer.

Patient Navigation Our Patient Navigator will assist you with:
  • Guide you through the health care system
  • Help you fill out insurance forms
  • Help you find ways to pay for health care if you don’t have insurance
  • Direct you to health care services for further diagnosis and treatment
  • Direct you to local resources and support
  • Help you keep track of and find ways to get to your appointments
  • Help you get your questions answered • Help you find more information on health care

Support Team Groups Based on your needs, we gather a group of trained and caring team members who work with you around your schedule. To learn more about these teams, go to Circles of Care.

Workshops, Community Programs and Support Groups connections Connecting with others who can understand your illness and who can share tips, survivorship, and their personal experiences.

Financial assistance (evaluation) Debt Crisis Resolutions include:
  • Transportation assistance
  • Rental/Mortgage payment relief
  • Utilities/Food assistance • Financial counseling
  • Facilitated/Located needed supplies

Medical Insurance assistance (evaluation) Insurance resolution include:
  • Educated on General Insurance Benefits questions
  • Help you get your questions answered
  • Facilitated/Obtained co-payment/premium and/or deductible assistance programs
  • Cobra premium assistance. Eligibility/enrollment/extension
  • Facilitated/Obtained Charity Care for uninsured
  • Mediate appeals process/successfully overturned denial
  • Assistance with claims denied as not Medically necessary coding and billing errors
  • Help with Medicare enrollment.
  • Assistance with supplemental insurance plans.
  • Assistance enrollment into Pharmaceutical indigent drug program
  • Assistance with facilitating second opinions
  • Medicare Part D enrollment/coverage issues - Education • Denied/off forms completion