The Education of Dee Dee Ricks

Beginning Oct 27th, 2011, HBO will begin airing a documentary entitled The Education of Dee Dee Ricks, the intimate story of one woman's mission to defeat cancer and help others do the same.

Dee Dee Ricks, the founder of Ricks Consulting Group Inc,, discovered she had breast cancer and then discovered how much treatment costs. Having cancer and being poor can be a lethal combination. Patient Navigation, like the services offered by HCN, can successfully fight this moral and medical challenge.

This week, Nightline and The Today Show had segments on this documentary. You can view the HBO trailer and see the schedule here.

The first airing will be tonight (Oct. 27th, 2011) at 8:30pm ET on HBO East and 11:30pm ET on HBO West. Check the link above for additional air times.